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Get Your Red Wing Boots and Boot Repair at Northern Trading Co. 

The Red Wing Shoe Company was established back in 1905 with a purpose to supply workers in industries like mining, farming, and logging with durable, comfortable footwear. Today, this legacy of purposeful-craftsmanship never leaves their mind, and sustains everything that they do. When a pair of new Red Wing boots are introduced, they go through rigorous internal testing, external testing and wear testing to ensure that each pair of Red Wing boots becomes a natural extension of their purpose and a visible touch of the craftspeople behind each product. 

And, if you are looking to buy a pair of Red Wing boots, we would love it if you checked us out, here at Northern Trading Co. Here Northern Trading Co., we are suppliers of Red Wing boots, plus men’s apparel and accessories from many fine brands. We also specialize in boot repair. 

If you work day in and day out in a pair of work boots, you know just how much a pair of boots can mean to you. A quality pair of work boots start to become a part of your body, molded to your feet providing a full day of comfort. But, working long hours and long days have a tendency to put a great deal of wear and tear on your boots, rendering them prime for repair. If you are in need of boot repair, the team at Northern Trading Co. can help. Offering a range of boot repair services, we are able to repair boots, adding a new sole, repairing tears and scrapes, and even adding new eyelets for laces. Bring new life into a well worn pair of boots with boot repair offered by Northern Trading Co.


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