Tellason Watch Caps (all colors)
  • Tellason Watch Caps (all colors)


    Around our corner of the world, wearing a watch cap can happen as easily in July as it can in January. Mark Twain knew...

    So, when we set out to keep our nugget on the warm side, we found the maker who had the deal for our U.S. military and that was good enough for us. We are not sure where the military issue camo pants and jackets are made but we are clear that these 100% wool watch caps come from the Garden State of New Jersey.

    Typical to our DNA, we did not try to re-invent anything here. Just put it on and be done with it. Warm head, warm heart. Timeless style wins again...

    Available in 3 colors, Charcoal, Black & Navy. 100% virgin wool watch cap. Made in the U.S.A.


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