Resole Course
  • Resole Course


    with a course not offered anywhere else in the world! we are providing the opportunity to rebuild your own boots! check the calendar and schedule your appointment today. here are a few quick guidelines.

    • Cancellations without one week notice will be charged 25% fee. 24 hours or less will be charged the full amount fee due to the nature of booking.

    • Course fee is $350 

    • you will be provided with one on one guidance during the rebuild. we will provide the materials, tools and expertise to give your boots a world class rebuild. 

    • hold harmless agreements are required due to the nature of the workshop, if clients feel uncomfortable using machines/tools we will step in and do the step(s) for you

    • the course can take the whole day, please plan accordingly 

    • course starts at 10 am, we only offer bookings on saturdays and due to the current pandemic space is extremely limited 

    • you have to be over the age of 18 to use tools/machines


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