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The Patina GrandPrix is the first boot patina competition. This will be a free competition that will allow boot lovers from all over to compete to see who can create the best patina on their boots in a year.



  1. Contest lasts for one full year Jan 1– Dec 31

  • Pretty Simple. 12 months to get the best patina you can!


  1. Everybody starts with a brand-new pair of boots at the same time

  • Competitors will need to submit proof of brand new boots on Dec. 31

  • For New Boot Proof we require photos of boots in packaging with tags, soles, and vamps (to prove no wear)

  • No oiling/conditioning, waterproofing, or polishing of boots before start date.

  • Except for fit check, the first wear should be Jan 1.


  1. Natural Patina Only

  • No deliberate sanding, paint, mechanical burnishing, pinching, pulling, cutting, tearing, etc.

  • No deliberate dyes or paints.

  • No deliberate fire/ heat exposure.

  • You may brush/ condition/ clean as much as you like.

  • Repairs/ resoles are allowed. Self repairs are encouraged!

  • Basically, just wear the boots and see what happens! Just remember to take care of them! It’s about patina, not seeing how fast you can wear your boots out!


  1. Monthly updates emailed on the first of each month (to be emailed to the official competition email)

  • Photographs must be in .jpg format and must include front, back, outside, inside, top, and bottom photographs.

  • Each photograph must include handwritten card with code phrase and symbol. This Phrase and symbol will be revealed the night before.

  • Only competitors who have submitted updates every month will be eligible for the final judging. We will be flexible if something comes up preventing updates sent around the 1st of the month.




To enter please email NR@northernrepublic.net

your competitor info, your New Boot Proof, and your starting gallery. Please title the email “*yourname*Patina Grand Prix Registration”. You will then receive an email reply within 24 hours with confirmation of your entry and your entry number. If you do not receive this email confirmation please contact Northern Republic at 651-703-3836.

Registration will be open from October 1 to January 1st. If your boots will be arriving after the start date, follow the instructions for late submissions below.


Registration does not guarantee entry into the competition. Entry into competition is finalized after New Boot Proof photos are entered on Jan 1.



With each submission please include the following:

  1. Your Name

  2. Boot Brand

  3. Boot Model

  4. Leather Type

  5. (optional) Your Instagram handle, number of cleanings/ conditionings, interesting stories of what you’ve done in your boots since the last update.



All competitors must provide photographic proof their boots are in a brand new and unworn state.

Photographic proof consists of photos of boots in packaging with tags, soles, and vamps (to prove no wear).

On December 31st we will release the first code word & symbol. A handwritten card with this codeword & symbol must be included in all New Boot Proof photos but is not required for your first update gallery.



On or around the first of every month, all competitors must submit an update gallery that includes:

  1. Picture of boots being worn.

  2. 5 Pictures of boots by themselves. Front/ Top, Back, Insides, Outsides, Soles.


Photos must be in .jpg format and unedited.

Update galleries must be submitted directly to the competition email. Social media posts will not count as official update galleries.


Please title the email “*contestant number* Update Gallery # (update number).


When taking your update gallery photographs highlight your boots, not your outfit. Remember to consider things like the lighting and the background.


Optional: Along with your required fit pics and boot only photos, you can include as many non-required photographs as you like. You may edit these photographs. If they catch our eye we might post them on our social media accounts along with other contest updates. Get adventurous!



We know it takes time to get some quality boots. Due to this we will be allowing late entries up until January 14th. However, you must register your intent to compete by January 1st.

If you are planning to start late please follow these guidelines:

  1. Send an email northerntrading@nrtradingco.com with the following:

  • Your Name

  • Boot Brand, Model, & Leather you plan on competing with

  • Approximate date you will be receiving your boots

  1. As soon as your boots arrive submit your New Boot Proof and your first update gallery. Remember to include the handwritten card with codeword and symbol in your New Boot Proof photos.


Note: By agreeing to participate in the contest, you agree that all New Boot Proof and patina progress photos collected by the organizers either in the facebook group or through the submissions email can be used at the organizers’ discretion to promote the contest and update the contest’s followers. You also agree for organizers to submit your photographs to third parties (our judges and sponsors) for review. We promise to use all photos respectfully and responsibly.


Judging will be conducted in three stages:

  1. After 365 days of wear, the founders and interested sponsors will pick the top 50.

  2. The top 50 will be posted in the Facebook group, and the members of the group will vote for their favorites.

  • The top 15 will automatically go on to the next round.

  • The founders will select 5 deserving wildcard pairs.

  1. The 20 finalists will be reviewed by a panel of judges (Boot/ Heritage Fashion bloggers, influencers, and industry professionals). The judges will deliberate and decide our top 5 winners.


Our judging panel will not be finalized for some time. If you are a boot/ heritage fashion blogger or influencer and you want to help us pick our winners, reach out to us at  nr@northernrepublic.net.

Note: Judges can participate in the competition, but they are not eligible for prizes.

Note: Sponsors are eligible for prizes. They have the option to pass their prize down to the next person in line, but are not obligated to do so.



The Facebook group will be the main liaison point for all contest updates and conversations.

The group will remain private for the duration of the contest; only approved members will be able to view, like, and comment on posts. Observers are welcome, but we want to restrict the membership to boot enthusiasts.

Do Not encourage friends or followers to flood the group to boost votes. This is not a popularity contest. We all should want the winner to be the person with the best patina, not the person with the largest social media following. Any clear evidence of vote tampering or other unfair conduct with regards to the final voting will result in immediate disqualification.

You can also find us on Instagram. We’ll be posting highlights from the group, engaging with boot lovers and makers all over the world, and sharing news from our sponsors. Feel free to use the #PatinaGrandPrix hashtag as much as you want!

Finally, when engaging with posts on either FB or IG, follow the golden rule: don’t disparage other competitors’ efforts. Treat female competitors respectfully. Any racist or misogynist comments will result in immediate expulsion from the competition. We’re all here to have fun. That fun should never be had at another competitor’s expense.

If you have any questions, you can reach the founders at northerntrading@nrtradingco.com


2730 Stillwater Road East

Maplewood, MN 55119



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