Josh has worn many hats: barista, bartender, beer delivery driver, and more. He is new to the world of boot repair, but has been keenly interested in high-quality footwear for several years, and has dabbled in amateur shoemaking. His favorite brands include Red Wing, Viberg, White’s, and Wesco. He continues to propel northern republic towards excellence as the store manager.


Jade is our customer service manager; while she is currently expanding her Business Management degree, she has grown to appreciate customer communication, work ethics, and providing the utmost convenience for clients. Jade’s skills range from initiating a productive and thriving work environment, addressing issues and disputes, an organization with companies services, and delivering comprehension service for customers. Jade specializes in customer communication and efficiency in customer satisfaction. Our team continues to emphasize the importance of craftsmanship and equity.


I am a 27 year old from the central Wisconsin area, now residing in Minneapolis, Minnesota. When I’m not doing what I love I like to go to concerts, get coffee (every day), go to breweries and go antiquing with friends.


Wulf is one of our master craftsman,while pursuing his passion of the craft, wulf has devolped a deep appreciate for heritage wear as well as a deep affinity for a well made boot. wulf's skill set ranges far and wide from custom fitting to fully relasting boots.  Wulf & josh run the resole course here at NR. bringing the craft to a whole new level. wulf continues to lead our craftsman into a new era.


Fancying himself a lifelong learner, Dao brings a varied background. Professionally trained in History and Art, but always pursuing passions that reflect craftsmanship, heritage, and skills that can only be acquired through patience and experience. His other interests include all things geeky, cooking, and homebrewing.


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